For 19 years, Larry has specialized in photographing fine arts and crafts for artists across the country. His subjects include jewelry, glass, ceramics and pottery, paintings and prints, small to large sculptures of any media, wood, wearable fashion art, fiber art, and artist’s booth photos in studio and on location.
Larry is known for taking on the tough jobs that require special attention to bring out the essence of each piece—presenting the art, dramatically, so the image is remembered long after initial viewing. The end users are artists, show jurors, gallery owners, buyers and publications and more. Larry is especially proud of the many books, magazine articles and publication covers with images showcased by his photography. But his biggest thrill is when an artist calls to tell him that they finally got into the show that they’ve attempted to get into for years. When slides or film was in vogue, Larry’s studio mantra was "Slides that Sizzle." Now in the digital era, the new motto is "Images with Impact." He feels that the final product is always a collaboration between the artist, the artwork and his photography.
Larry is continually upgrading to new technology, equipment and programs. He relishes challenges that enrich his command of the art of photographing fine art and fine crafts. Larry is a member of National Association of Photoshop Professionals and can solve even the toughest problems.
Larry’s studio is three rooms in a one-hundred-year-old commercial building with seventeen foot ceilings, wide and tall doors to accommodate the largest pieces and an industrial-sized garage for extra large pieces or indoor booth photos. It is located near downtown Milwaukee, WI and has easy access off all major expressways.
While highly focused on delivering excellent product through good customer service, the congenial Larry attends to his customers in a manner that often creates personal as well as professional friendships. Like the artists he serves, passion for his work is integrated into his daily lifestyle. He has respect and time for artists at all levels in their careers and development. Their growth and success is Sanders Visual Images growth and success.